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Yamaha Zuma Mopeds
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All mopeds are meant to do the same job, take you places stylishly, easily, safely and economically too. That is the same features that the Yamaha Zuma has too. It is a very reliable moped that one can trust for short as well as long distances. If you have plans of settling in for a stylish and economic moped, why not the Yamaha Zuma?
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It ranges from 50cc mopeds to 200 and 220 cc scooters and motorcycles as well. But if one is interested in a moped then the 50cc model is quite sufficient since it is street legal and license is compulsory. One does not have the trouble of being held without a license or insurance in the city.

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The yamaha moped has a good acceleration that works very fast and hence riding in the city is less problematic as one can keep with the speed of the other vehicles with no hassles. The Zuma tires too are much bigger than the regular moped tyres leaving the benefit to the rider to ride with comfort and safety on the city road.
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One can use the zuma moped for going to college, especially when one is on a low budget which is the case with college goers. It has class and elegance and college goers would surely love it for its budget friendly fuel costs. It is easy to ride and easier to find a parking space for it, since it is very light I weight. In fact a few models come in folding types which can easily be packed up like luggage and carried places.
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Owning a Yamaha Zuma moped is a matter of great pride, especially among kids and students who have all the features of a motorcycle or a scooter in the 50cc moped. One can go at a maximum speed of 35-40 mph which is surely the limit that any vehicle on a city road could travel with the heavy rush of traffic.
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College students don't lose heart, get the Yamaha Zuma and go zoom! with pride to college and save those dollars that you always wanted to have in your pocket for something interesting to spend it for, maybe a gift for mum and dad for Christmas!
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Yamaha Scooters and Its History
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The Yamaha Motor Company began production of Yamaha Scooters in 1955 and started exported the first models of Yamaha Scooters to the United States in 1960. At first Yamaha's were little more than scooters of a style that was familiar in movies of the period. The company has produced ever greater examples of excellence in engineering ever since.
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Through the years Yamaha has worked to refine their scooters to fit the end consumers. For the most part they have been very successful. Producing models that are lightweight and could stand up to the elements. The Yamaha 125cc and 250cc models were ridden by a million people in the 1970s. But even as early as 1970 Yamaha produced a four-stroke 650cc, the XS-1, that was a beauty to behold.
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Today, Yamaha makes a broad line of bikes and scooters that encompass all types and sizes. Models range from the 50cc scooters to the 249cc Virago all the way up to the 113ci (1854cc) Stratoliner S and the V-4 Royal Star Venture. The latter is 'only' 70ci (1147cc), but its liquid-cooled engine puts out a throaty roar, and the ride is as smooth as a Jaguar.
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Be prepared to put out some serious cash for the larger Yamaha motorcycles models. These cruisers and touring bikes start at $15,000 and with accessories and customization can easily run $20,000 or more. Fortunately, like Harley-Davidsons, a well-maintained Yamaha can keep its value year after year. Many older models sell for more than new bikes.
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But in contrast, Yamaha scooters are very economical. On the low end you could spend as little as $2000 dollars for a brand new Yamaha scooter. But on the high end you could spend as much as $8000 to $9000 dollars. The higher end models have more bells and whistles. They also have larger engines allowing them to be very good resources in urban cities.
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The 49cc Vino Classic is a great starter scooter for younger riders, but would be appreciated by women and others as well. This is a European classic retro style, straight out of the movies scooter. Weighing 166lbs it may be small but it delivers plenty of power for zooming along the streets or hill climbing off-road.
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Kenneth Elliott owns gas scooters. A review website that provides reviews and ideas for scooter owners. We also review deals and steals featured throughout the net. Check out this deal. Its the Roma 150cc Gas Scooter.
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Choosing the Best Moped Insurance
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Most insurance companies that offer moped insurance are usually quite expensive. That is because, we must keep in mind, these vehicles are considered high risk and that is also the reason why many insurance companies have policies to not accept scooters. So it is important to bear in mind that many times, finding cheap moped insurance can be a difficult task.
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Anyway, taking into account that most people today prefer mopeds to cars because of their low maintenance, insurance companies are beginning to yield to the requests of the riders, providing all types of policies to moped and motorcycle insurance, etc that are actually cheap. The problem which usually occurs when talking about cheap quotes is that it often does not meet our expectations as they are often too basic and often does not cover risks such as theft, vandalism or even medical coverage for accidents and this is something that discourages many people.
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But anyway that we can always resort to the companies that also offer insurance quotes to clients, with different types of payment facilities so they can comfortably afford the monthly insurance costs. But what we keep in mind in these cases is that the most important without doubt is that the policy covers liability insurance, as this is the only mandatory, and if not we run the risk of even going to jail.
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So it's just a matter of finding out which are the companies that offer best prices for our benefit. Although the policies can be expensive, it is important to take into account the fact that their customers have the ability to access moped insurance with usually special packages put together and a little more economic policy that we commonly know. However it is important to note that all budgets usually surrounding insurance, takes into account a lot of factors that directly affect the insurance of mopeds, such as based on the brands, models, the value of the type of moped, etc.
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As mentioned above, finding cheap moped insurance is not an easy task, since most of them tend to be very basic offering and the insurance that best fit the needs and requirements of a person are quite expensive. Even so, it is important to be persistent in looking for companies that offer us a cheap moped insurance because, although it is difficult to find, there are several companies that prefer to make life easier for its customers and so they too can sell the types of policies that work.
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