The History of Motorbike

The History of Motorbike

The first motor bike was designed by the German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in 1885. In 1984, Hildebrand & Wolf Muller became the purchaser of first motorbike. Until the First World War, the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world was Indian, producing over than 20,000 motorbikes per year. By 1920, these honors went to Harley-Davidson, with their motorcycles being sold by dealers in 67 countries. In 1928, DKW took over as the largest manufacturer. After the Second World War, the BSA Group became the largest producer of motorbikes in the world, producing up to 75,000 bikes per year in the 1950s. The German company NSU Motorenwerke AG held the position of largest manufacturer from 1955 until the 1970s. From the year 1960 to 1990s, the small two-stroke motorbikes were very popular in the world. Today, the Japanese are manufacturing the Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha through the whole world market. The small capacity scooter is very popular in the world.

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Motorbike construction is the engineering and manufacturing assembly of motorbikes. Aesthetics and cost was desired by the designer. The petrol power engine consists of one and four cylinders. The four largest motorbike markets in the world are in the Asian countries of India, China, Indonesia and Vietnam. In recent years, the US motorbike market has also grown. There are many types of motorbikes like cruisers, sportbikes, and scooter and mopeds. The production of the motorcycle started at end of the 19th century. At that time it was a matter of fitting the frame with engines from other makers such as Moto-Reve and NSU. This early machine used 250cc from sturme-Arher and JAP.
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In 1920, husqvarna established its own engine factory and first engine to be designed similarly to those made by companies like Harley and Indian. It developed the racing motorcycles in the classes up to 1000c. The production of husqvarna motorcycles continued until 1986-87 when the Italian company took over the production and continued the development of motorcycles with the Husqvarna name.
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The plastic shell covering part of the motorbikes is the fairing. This system acts to protect the rider from the weather and may improve aerodynamics and is an important element. Motorbikes lack climate control or proper protection. Some manufacturer companies provide heated seats or hand grip to relief the low temperatures experienced during night riding or in colder months. The common additional attachment in bikes is for bags and other luggage that can be fastened. This removes the need for rider backpacks and generally is a more secure and safe way to carrying the capacity of motorcycles. Many organizations raise money through organized events and riders. Some rallies are arranged in different parts of the world and are attended by many thousands of riders. Riders can provide the information about motorbikes.
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Froilan Ong is an independent business owner and owns several home based businesses. He has more than 20 years of experience in the Sales industry and now works at home full time.
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Best Security Features For Motorbikes
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Motorcycle theft is a growing problem in UK and abroad, there are quite a number of theft reports filed each day in regards to motorcycle thefts. Statistics reveal shocking facts about motorcycle theft in UK with reports showing that on average, it takes 14 minutes to steal a motorcycle and that only 14 percent of the vehicles are recovered. It is very important for an individual to install security features on their motorcycles so as to wade off would be thieves. There are quite a number of security features available for motorbikes; however the suitability of each would far much depend on the owner of the bike. Some of the best security features for motorcycles include;
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This an indelible code programmed on the bike's panel. Transponders are relayed to and from the petrol tank and wheels and can be easily be picked up by traffic police scanners.
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Disc Lock/U-lock
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Disc locks are available in many forms and shapes; it takes individual preferences in choosing the right kind of disc to purchase. U-Locks can only be used to fasten the bike on immovable objects.
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Ground anchor
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These are good fastener points, one should always place ground anchor in a secure place where would be thieves would encounter much hindrances while trying to use a disc cutter or such cutting devices.
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Brake lever Lock
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A good portable supplement to other security features you may have, used to clamp the front brake lever making it hard for the wheel to roll.
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Don't lock your helmet on your bike, this makes the bike more prone to would be thieves.
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Ultraviolet pen
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Marking your bike parts with ultra violet pen can aid in identifying motor parts whenever they get stolen by unsuspecting thieves.
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Installing good CCTV on a garage can also aid much on the security of your bike, CCTV installed garages are known to be secure 70 percent more than those that lack CCTV gadgets.
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Insurance Cover
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Good insurance cover is a must security feature for anyone owning a bike. There are quite a number of insurance companies willing to give cheap motorbike insurance to anyone interested with moped insurance also available.
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A good way to save is to Compare bike insurance which will allow you to save time by comparing quotes from a number of insurance companies and thus help you secure one that's cheap on premium cost and more so affordable on your budget. A bike installed with good security features attracts less insurance quotes from any insurance company you may contact for a cover.
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Harley Davidson

Get Harley Davidson Apparel on the Cheap
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Having a Harley is like being part of a nationwide club of motorcycle enthusiasts. Of course, it's hard to show how enthusiastic you are without the proper Harley Davidson apparel. There are literally hundreds of types of accessories and clothing you can choose to show how much of a fan you are, but that can add up pretty quickly. Fortunately though, it is possible to save quite a bit of money on things like their leather jackets, chaps, shirts, and more. You just need to know when and where to get them and what to look for in order to save.
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Many people aren't aware of the fact that motorcycle gear and apparel has seasons too. The high season stretches from the end of winter to the beginning of summer. This is when the prices are typically the highest. Towards the middle of the summer, you will start to see the huge discounts coming on. This is because people aren't as concerned about riding their bikes when it is not spring. Sometimes, you can get savings for as much as 50% off. So if you have always had your sights set on a certain jacket, you need to wait for the right time to get it.
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There are other ways that you can save on Harley Davidson apparel as well. You can get things like the jackets, shirts, and boots used for very cheap. While this is not the first thing that everyone usually thinks of, it is definitely something that is smart. Gear that is made by Harley Davidson is designed to take a beating. The manufacturers know that those that will be wearing it are the ones that are driving through all types of weather on their bikes. Because of this, they make the gear to be very durable and high quality, part of the reason why it is so expensive. If you get it used, you won't be losing that quality.
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One of the best things about getting Harley Davidson apparel used is the fact that the worn look is perfect for bikers. New clothes never look that tough, and they are actually not that comfortable either. When you get them used, they look more rugged and they're a lot nice to wear. For those that want to be seen as a true biker and that enjoy being comfortable, used is definitely the way to go. Either way though, you really can't lose.
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How Harley Davidson Became America's Top Motorcycle Company
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Whether a biker or casual observer everyone knows about Harley Davidson motorcycles, Harleys, and the hogs. Today it is the best known and the most popular heavyweight (over 750 cc) bikes designed for highway cruising. During the late 1990s and early years of the 21st century, in their products' period of peak demand, Harley Davidson expanded the number of dealerships because dealers typically had waiting lists for some most popular models that extended up to a year. Although demand has softened in the current economic climate, on September 14, 2010 Harley Davidson announced it would maintain production in Wisconsin where it all began over a century ago. Moreover, motorcycle owners continue to maintain a community that keeps loyal to the brand name through club activities and nationwide events.
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Founded by William S.Harley and brothers Arthur's and Walter Davidson during the early years of the 20th century in Milwaukee, WI the company's first products introduced in 1905 were mounted with 26.84 cubic inches (440 cc) engines single-cylinder engines. In February 1907, at the Chicago Automobile Show the company introduced a prototype motorcycle with a 45-degree V-Twin engine giving about double the power of the single-cylinder model.
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The V-Twins had a displacement of 53.7 cubic inches (880 cc) providing about 7 hp (5.2 kW) and a maximum speed of.60 mph (100 km/h). Production in 1908 reached 450 motorcycles and in 1909 rose to 1,149 machines. Harleys' saw use by the army in the Border Campaign against Pancho Villa from 1916-17. Consequently, upon entrance of the United States into World War I and the Army's demand motorcycles. Harley Davidson was chosen to provide about 15,000 machines during the war.
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By 1920, Harley Davidson had become the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. The most popular model was powered by a 1,000 cc V-Twin intake/inlet over exhaust (IOE), also known as F-head, configuration used in early four-stroke engines. This engine was produced from 1914-1929. A larger 1,200 cc (IOE) version was introduced in 1922 and produced until 1929. In 1929, Harley Davidson introduced its 45 cubic inches (737 cc) flathead V-Twin just in time for The Great Depression a few months later and despite this improved engine Their sales also crashed, dropping from a 1929 high of 21,000 to a low of 3,703 in 1933.
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Harley Davidson was in of two motorcycle producers that managed to survive the Great Depression. Before World War II, Harley was providing a military version of the 45 cubic inches (740 cc) W line, called the WLA. During WWII, along with most other manufacturing enterprises, the company shifted to war work eventually producing over 90,000 WLA and Canadian WLC motorcycles for the US Army and allies. After the war, consumer production was resumed and they produced a range of classic large V Twin motorcycles for private buyers.
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The classic engines are two-cylinder, V-twin engines with the pistons mounted in a 45 degree "V". This 45 degree angle is patented and represents an engineering tradeoff that allows a large, high-torque engine in a relatively small space. A continuous ignition system for both cylinders causes them to fire at uneven intervals and produces the Harley's distinctive "potato-potato" sound. Examples:
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· Flathead: 1930-1948, 74 cubic inch (1,200 cc) and 1935-1941 (1,300 cc).
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· Knucklehead: 1936-1947, 61 cubic inches (1,000 cc), and 1941-1947, 74 cubic inches (1,200 cc)
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· Panhead: 1948-1965, 61 cubic inch (1,000 cc), and 1948-1965, 74 cubic inches (1,200 c
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· Shovelhead: 1966-1984, 74 cubic inch (1,200 cc) and 80 cubic inch (1,345 cc) since late 1978
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American Machinery and Foundry (AMF) bought the company and name in 1969 and near disaster ensued. AMF streamlined production resulting in still expensive bikes that were deemed by the consumer as inferior to Japanese imports. Moreover AMC slashed the workforce resulting in strikes and lower quality. Declining sales nearly forced the company to go bankrupt. Fortunately, AMF sold the company to Vaughn Beals and Willie G. Davidson and a group of investors in 1981. By 1990, with the introduction of the F (Fat Boy) Series, Harley Davidson was once again the leader in the over 750 cc (heavyweight) market.
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How Harley Davidson Has Revolutionized The World
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Think motorcycles and the name "Harley Davidson" comes to mind. Harley Davidson is synonymous with world class top quality motorbikes today. Harley Davidson was founded in 1901 when William Harley had a smacker of an idea - he thought it would be cool to attach a motor to a bicycle and the rest, as they say, is history!
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A Brief History
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William, together with his friend, Arthur Davidson started working on this project in a wooden shed, which had the worlds, "Harley-Davidson" scrawled on its door. Their tireless work resulted in the first Harley Davidson bike which was launched in the year 1903 - a mere two years after Harlet had thought of it!
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And today, Harley Davidson is a force to reckon with. In the new millennium, this company flooded the global market with a stunning array of different types of motorcycles. What is more, this company is now the best and biggest in the motorcycle industry, owning 60% of the market share! And looking at the breakneck speed at which they are still growing, things are going to be this way for a long time to come.
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But, because of this, Harley Davidson is not really your average man's bike. It is pretty expensive and not everyone can afford it. But if you save up for a couple of years, it should be within your reach and I can guarantee that you will not regret this investment. But beware of fakes. There are a lot of people selling motorcycles which are branded under names such as "Harly Davidson" or something like that and you should be careful not to be tricked by any of them.
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In fact, the best way to tell whether you are being fooled is by the price. These motorbikes are unbelievably cheap when you compare them to the original Harleys. There are plenty of legitimate Harley-Davidson dealers all over the world - in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and just about anywhere in Asia.
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Parts and Seconds
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It is best to go to them. Once you have a bike, you might need a number of accessories and parts. Again, you should only stick to originals from Harley Davidson. In fact, you might even get your own custom built bike, complete with racks, chrome fenders, chrome screws and even bolt covers. You could even go a step ahead and have your bike painted in colors of your choice. But just be sure you're not being taken for a ride.
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A lot of times you can buy used Harley Davidson for good prices, if you are not willing to be all that much. These too, can be found at authorized Harley David dealers'. In fact they give you a wide range of financing options and maintenance deals which you just cannot resist. Plus, you even get a document which certifies that your bike is legal. So if you are looking to save money but still want a Harley Davidson motorbike, then this is your best way to go about fulfilling your dream!
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