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Urbanites and Suzuki Scooters

Curves at the Right Places

Well, there are some Suzuki scooters nobody wont want to be seen riding. But after test drives, the reality sinks in. Suzuki scooters perform well at different speeds, are smooth to handle, and can take sharp turns evenly. It is also affordable. But there is something more coming. Women are finding the little cruisers comfortable rides.
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Well, there are some Suzuki scooters nobody wont want to be seen riding. But after test drives, the reality sinks in. Suzuki scooters perform well at different speeds, are smooth to handle, and can take sharp turns evenly. It is also affordable. But there is something more coming. Women are finding the little cruisers comfortable rides.
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Different Speeds, Different Needs
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Different Speeds, Different Needs
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Younger women opt for the nimble GSR 600 Suzuki scooters. While moms find the electric start Suzuki 125 to their liking. It sits well because of a low seat height; hence it is also ideal for petites. Should there be any abrupt halts, they can control their scooters because they can plant their feet firmly on the ground.
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For moms' lazy afternoon drives to visit friends, these Suzuki scooters are just ideal. These choppers would also be ideal gifts for those starting to use scooters for their daily commutes to nearby schools and offices.
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Beauty and Brawn
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The well-built Suzuki scooters can carry two, and comfortably. No more stings and cramps. The windshield is engineered to minimize the frontal wind onslaught along the highway. The driver and her passenger won't be bickering about leg room this time because the concave floorboards were designed with this comfort in mind.
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The comfortable backrests for both driver and passenger adds to leisurely road trips. So there is no reason why they won't be taking frequent pleasure rides. Moms can have more time to enjoy their free time scooting to parks and fairs with a friend in tow.
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Under the seat is a lighted storage compartment. There are stash areas in the front for small items. Depending on the driver's ingenuity, she can pack things well to fit in one go.
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Suzuki scooters are easy to steer and easy to accelerate. First timers using mopeds will appreciate the automatic clutch and belt that makes maneuvering less clumsy. The sleek body works have an integrated advanced fuel injection system that makes for easy navigation.
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Smooth road operators - easy clutch system and liquid cooled engines for better road performance in urban settings. These are the trademarks of Suzuki scooters. Not to mention the extraaa mileage.
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Caring for Suzuki Scooters
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Like all machines, scooters need upkeep. But compared to bigger and mean machines, scooters upkeep will only cost a fraction of what others spend to keep their cars and motorcycles in top condition. There are available Suzuki spare parts and gadgets to keep you going in easy style.
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Scooters have to be cleaned as frequently as they are used. This will keep them in mint condition. This lavish care will be profitable in the long run. You can sell them when you want to upgrade to bigger bikes. That is if you acquired the driving skill.
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Drive safely
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Of course driving any vehicle will require your attention to safety rules. If you have poor night vision, don't dare drive your scooter. These scooters, whatever make are clearly seen in daytime than in nighttime. So it cuts both ways. Steer clear of night driving. Wear prescribed head gears and follow traffic rules at all times. You will enjoy the time of your life during those exhilarating and safe drives with Suzuki scooters!
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5 Awesome Fast Gas Scooters You Have Got to Check Out Today
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Gas powered scooters have been around since around 1900, right around the same time as cars were first starting to hit the market. They were pretty crude machines. They resemble what we think of today as a Moped because they were really just bikes with small motors attached to them. For the time they were awesome.
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Boy, how they have changed today! Today's scooters range from the smaller 50cc versions that will get you around town or around campus, all the way up to 600cc bad boys that can go on the freeway and find speeds of well over 100 mph. That, my friend, is a fast gas scooter!
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With the economy being not so hot and the price of gas hovering in the $3.00 range, these scooters are becoming a popular source of transportation in all walks of life. It's easy to see why:
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o They are very affordable compared to a car
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o The are incredibly fuel efficient
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o They are not hard to repair and the parts are usually inexpensive
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o It's easy to find parking when on campus or in a big city

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Here is a look at some of the scooters available to you right now.
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#1 Honda
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Honda had produces more brands of scooters than anyone of the years if we are looking worldwide. In fact, the Honda Super Cub, which came out in the late 1950's, is the best selling two wheeler of all time. They currently are selling 5 trim levels in the USA:
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o Metropolitan - 50cc
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o Ruckus - 49cc
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o Elite - 108cc
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o SH150I - 150cc
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o Silver Wing - 582cc
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Did you see that last one? The Silver Wing is pretty flipping fast!
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#2 Vespa
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After WWII, the Vespas kind of became the gold standard for scooters in Europe. They sell a full line in the USA now and are popular because of their 'retro scooter' look. They can be a little more expensive than others, but the quality warrants it. Here's a look at their line up: (the number is the cc of the engine)
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o LX 50 and S 50
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o LX 150, S 150, and LXV 150
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o GTS 250 and GVT 250
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o GTS 300 Super
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#3 Suzuki Scooters
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Suzuki tends to build more traditional motorcycles cruisers and off road bikes, but they do have 3 power scooters available in the US.
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o The Burgman 400
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o Burgman 650

o Burgman 650 Exec

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#4 Yamaha
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Yamaha has long been in the motor sports game with a full line up of very popular motorcycles and ATVs. They are current offering a pretty good selection of scooters as well:
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o C3, Vino Classic, and the Zuma - 49cc
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o Zuma 125 - 125cc
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o Majesty - 395cc
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o TMAX - 499cc
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#5 Kymco
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Kymco is the largest scooter manufacturer in Taiwan, and currently exports to 86 countries worldwide. They are very popular here in the USA and have over 15 different models ranging from 6 50cc models all the way up to the Xciting 500Ri. They are definitely a player and worth taking a look at.
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Scooters have come a long way over the years. If there are 2 things that stick out to me about scooters it is this:
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1. Fuel Efficiency: Most of the 50cc models get over 100mpg and the larger ones usually get over 50mpg.
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2. Affordable: The smaller models can start, BRAND NEW, for under $2000. The larger models can be a little more expensive, hitting the $9000 range, but still an excellent value for what you are getting.
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